Waterboys – Universal Hall Orange Vinyl LP


Universal Hall Orange Vinyl LP – Waterboys LP from Vinyl Records London

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The Waterboys’ eighth studio album is made available on vinyl for the first time, in ‘Seville’ orange. Originally released in 2003, ‘Universal Hall’ was recorded in the basement studio of the titular hall, a theatre and concert venue in Findhorn, Scotland. It is the most nakedly spiritual of the bands records, all the more so for having been mostly written and entirely made in the spiritual community at Findhorn. At the time of release, band leader Mike Scott described ‘Universal Hall’ as a record containing eleven spiritual songs that articulate to the best of my ability the vision that drives, challenges, sustains and transforms me.’ This vision is explored in nowclassic Waterboys numbers such as Peace Of Iona, The Christ In You and Universal Hall itself, One track, the celticflavoured Ive Lived Here Before, was written with Liam OMaonlai of Hothouse Flowers. The album also saw the return of the bands fiddler Steve Wickham, his first appearance on a Waterboys’ record since ‘Room To Roam’ in 1990. Waterboys LP is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £26

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