Music – Formats

Vinyl Records London have various types and configurations of music formats in store, we offer collectors and music enthusiasts a wide range of music formats. You will find the following music formats on the website:

  1. Standard Black Vinyl: This is the most common type of vinyl record. It’s usually black and is the standard format for most releases.
  2. Coloured Vinyl: These records are made using vinyl pellets mixed in different colours. They come in various shades and patterns, adding a visual appeal to the record collection. Coloured vinyl releases are often limited editions or special pressings.
  3. Picture Discs: Picture discs have images printed directly onto the vinyl surface, creating a visually striking design. These images can be album artwork, band photos, or other graphics related to the music. Picture discs can sometimes sacrifice audio quality due to the printing process, but they are popular among collectors for their unique aesthetic.
  4. Box Sets: Box sets typically contain multiple vinyl records packaged together in a box or other elaborate packaging. They often include additional content such as booklets, posters, or bonus tracks, making them desirable collector’s items for fans of a particular artist or album.
  5. 180-gram Vinyl: This refers to vinyl records pressed using heavier vinyl, typically 180 grams per square meter or more. The thicker vinyl is believed to offer better sound quality and durability compared to standard-weight records.
  6. 12-inch Singles: These are vinyl records containing a single track or a small selection of tracks, usually intended for DJs or collectors of singles. They often feature extended or remixed versions of songs not found on the album releases.
  7. Limited Editions: Many vinyl releases are produced in limited quantities to create exclusivity and drive collector interest. These editions may include special packaging, unique colour variants, or additional bonus content.
  8. Speciality Pressings: Some vinyl records are pressed using special techniques or materials to achieve specific audio characteristics. For example, audiophile pressings may use high-quality vinyl and mastering processes to maximize sound fidelity.
  9. Compact Cassette Tapes: Okay these aren’t vinyl we know! These are magnetic tapes wound around two reels contained within a plastic case. Cassette players use a tape head to read the magnetic information and produce sound.

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of vinyl record formats available to collectors and music enthusiasts here at Vinyl Records London. The vinyl format continues to attract interest and innovation, with new releases and reissues appearing regularly to cater to different tastes and preferences come back soon to see what is in store..