Vince Freeman Print – Scars Ghosts & Glory Signed Gold Vinyl + Signed White Vinyl + Print


Scars Ghosts & Glory Signed Gold Vinyl + Signed White Vinyl + Print – Vince Freeman Print from Vinyl Records London

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The 12track album is produced by Paul Visser aka GoldCrush and is brimming with powerful earworms like fistpunching rocker Imposter the gnarly ode to a night full of tequila and regret that is Won’ t Remember Heaven and Blame Myself, another surefire single and another song that speaks to the singer’ s journey through his artistry. This soulful stomper finds Freeman reaching high with the notes and deep with the selfreflection ndash and yes, selflaceration.This is Vince Freeman’ s journey and this is his towering achievement. His debut album is the sound of a musician who’ s poured everything of himself into his music, made his own luck, overcame lifethreatening challenges and been his own best ambassador. This is the painfully honest, liferichlylived world of Scars, Ghosts and Glory, and Freeman has alchemised all three into musical gold. Now, finally, the world gets to hear it.1. Powers2. Devils3. Passing By4. Blame Myself5. Dancing In The Rain6. Imposter7. Stardust8. Wont Remember Heaven9. The Sun Is Shining Down10. Real Love11. Oh What A Life12. Freedom Vince Freeman Print is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £42

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