Various Artists – Young Limbs Rise Again 6LP inc Signed Print Boxset


Young Limbs Rise Again 6LP inc Signed Print Boxset – Various Artists new Boxset In Stock from Vinyl Records London

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Limited Edition Print is Signed by the book039s contributorsJon Klein, Jonny Slut and Sophie Chery.London 1982. As the new romantic youthquake of 19811982 faded, and after what felt like a lifetime since punks last gasp, a tiny nightclub opened its doors in Londons Soho. Drawing to it a new generation of misfits and miscreants with a penchant for polysexual hedonism, for dressing up and showing out, The Batcave became the dark heart of alternative club culture, just like The Roxy and The Blitz before it.Art school students, expunks and psychobillys, boys and girls, gays, straights, dontknows and dontcares, Camden and Kensington Market stallholders, professional squatters, kids on the dole, kids in bands, nocturnal music journalists, edgy fashionistas, androgynous randoms and even a smattering of bona fide popstars from Nick Cave to Siouxsie Sioux, Marc Almond, Robert Smith, Killing Joke and Sigue Sigue Sputnik. All were welcome to pile in, gawp at the hair, ripped, torn, bleached and rubberised fashions, and deathmask makeup and take in the dancefloors heady musical mix of beatsheavy postpunk pioneers, outsider icons like Wayne County and The Cramps, and a teetering pile of lusty glam rock singles from the likes of T. Rex and The Sweet.The club even had its own house band, Specimen, fronted by charismatic and ghoulishly handsome frontman Olli Wisdom RIP as well as playing host to a slew of firstwave bands of what came to be known as goth. And it is with Specimens Jon Klein later, a Banshee, too and keyboardist Jonny Slut later founder of legendary club night Nag Nag Nag along with Sophie Chery from another stalwart Batcave band, Sexbeat, whove worked with Demon in putting together this deluxe and definitive musical and visual accompaniment to a moment that sparked a global youth cult.This 63track 6LP Collection is the first of its kind. It captures both the fun and freedom of The Batcave and a revolutionary moment in time. Its also the first to reflect the musical influences on the scene and how that scene pointed forwards. Above everything else, its a fascinating evocation of what youd have actually heard had you stumbled into that sweaty, energetic dive between 82 and 84. With its very strong tracklisting, Young Limbs Rise Again includes music from just about everybody that mattered from The Cureto Joy Division, from The Sisters Of Mercy to Sparks. Accompanying 6LP collections is a stunning 80page hardback book, with an introduction from Kris Needs, packed with flyers, record sleeves, over 100 photographs, many previously unseen, and the full story of the club as told by the people who were there.The Batcaves liberating air of anythinggoes creativity spawned, encouraged and hosted a new generation of bands while its fashion aesthetic fishnets, rubber, leather, diamante, piercings, jewellery, and absolutely anything in black seeped first into the wider alternative scene and then the mainstream in Britain before spreading its tentacles literally all around the world. From Sydney to Mexico City to Paris to Brazil to Berlin what came to be known as goth here in early80s London, is arguably one of the UKs greatest cultural exports. The goth aesthetic forged in those tiny west end dives has gone on to inform generation after generation of bands from Nine Inch Nails to Yungblud as well as walking fashion runways for Burberry, McQueen and Galiano and giving Hollywood a whole new dark palette to work with from Tim Burtons weird cinematic adventures to TV shows as diverse as Buffy The Vampire Slayer and American Horror Story. That thing the kids still like It all started HERE.As Specimens Jonny Slut says 34It was a light bulb for all the freaks and people like myself who were from the sticks and wanted a bit more from life. Freaks, weirdos, sexual deviants … There039s people around who039ll always be attracted by something shiny, glittering, excitingIt was more Gotham City than Aleister Crowley. Various Artists Boxset is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £126 +P&P

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