Various Artists – Akilla’s Escape RSD 2023 Double Vinyl


Akilla’s Escape RSD 2023 Double Vinyl – Various Artists Vinyl from Vinyl Records London

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This release will be a RSD vinyl exclusive and is the soundtrack to a Canadian independent film from 2022. The film itself received a limited cinema run in 2021 and is currently slated for streaming services. The UKEuropean release is happening in late 2022 with a DVDBluray release in March 2023. The score has been written by 3DRobert Del Naja from Massive Attack, and also includes works by poet and star of the film Saul Williams, Trent Reznor along with tracks by Bob Marley, UG, The Gladiators and Jackie Edwards.Please allow 57 business days for dispatch. Various Artists Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £40

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