Uriah Heep Vinyl – Demons and Wizards – Limited Edition Picture Disc Vinyl


Demons and Wizards – Limited Edition Picture Disc Vinyl – Uriah Heep Vinyl from Vinyl Records London

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‘Demons and Wizards’ by Uriah Heep, Picture Disc Vinyl, Limited Edition, Official Collectors Release, The album which helped pioneer the heavy metal genre, with reimagined artwork by Roger Dean. LP set on heavyweight vinyl. BMG are jubilant to announce the release of ‘Demons and Wizards’ , the fourth studio album from Uriah Heep, on an Official Picture Disc LP. Containing the original audio recorded in Lansdowne Studios, this new pressing of the album contains the hits ‘Easy Livin’ ‘ , ‘Circle Of Hands’ and more.This incredible album was first released in June 1972.Uriah Heep continue to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the formation of Uriah Heepwith an official picture disc LP release of ‘Demon and Wizards’ with reimagined artwork by Roger Dean. This LP is contained within a series of collector picture discs releases from the Uriah Heep catalogue. Uriah Heep Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £24

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