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UB40, the worlds biggest selling reggae group, will release their 21st studio album UB45 on 19 April 2024 via SRG Records Universal. The 14track album features brand new songs including forthcoming singles Gimme Some Kinda Sign and Home, plus rerecordings of some of the bands most beloved hits.UB40 are the worlds biggestselling reggae group with over 100 million album sales, 50 UK Top 40 singles and 10 UK Top 10 albums. The band has stood the test of time over the course of 45 years, touring the world together and recording music shot through with an unbreakable bond of brotherhood, fostered by their longstanding friendships and shared Birmingham roots. The lineup proudly boasts all but one of the surviving founding members, now bolstered by the reinvigorating and reenergising presence of vocalist Matt Doyle.UB45 sees the band do what they do best, with songs that fearlessly address societal hot button issues and take a firm stand against the injustices of the world. This is apparent from the off on opening track and forthcoming lead single Home, complete with trademark UB40 beats and the powerful, timeless themes of equality and community.Track Listing1. Home2. Food For Thought3. King4. Champion5. Tyler6. Trouble 7. Red Red Wine8. Fool Me Once 9. Cherry Oh Baby 10. Say Nothing 11. Sing Our Own Song 12. Gimme Some Kinda Sign 13. Kingston Town 14. Hope Shell Be Happier UB40 Print is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £16

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