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Hold On To Your Heart LP – The Xcerts LP from Vinyl Records London

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At long last, Brighton 3 piece THE XCERTS can announce details on their brand new album Hold Onto Your Heart, which is set for release 19th January 2018. ‘Hold On To Your Heart is about finding a pinhole of light in the dark and turning it into the sun. We really did shoot for the stars with this one.’ When Murray Macleod, frontman of THE XCERTS, surmises the band’s new album, it’s with the same wildeyed enthusiasm and passion with which he pens singalong modern pop anthems infused with a thick layer of 80’s heartland rock. His proclamation of how music can turn the smallest pinprick of light into a dazzling solar spectacle is the motivating thread that weaves throughout the album. Hold On To Your Heart is a bold, pure love letter to a bygone era inked by a sentimental hopeless romantic.The band looked to the classics as a vessel with which to deliver these songs shying away from contemporary influences and digging into the deeprooted rich tapestry once weaved by Springsteen and Petty, THE XCERTS throwback to more innocent times, where the boy gets the girl and lives happily ever after.They yearn for a simpler time where dreams were made for living. ‘We were going for a timeless, stripped back sound,’ says Murray. ‘The mantra in the studio was we wanted it to feel classic but have a modern twist, which is not an easy feat to pull off. We wanted people to listen to the record and just think anythings possible we were trying to capture the ending of seminal 1985 John Hughes movie The Breakfast Club. It’s about that feeling of wanting to be outside and experiencing life don’t sit in your house looking at the girl on Facebook, go get the girlHold On To Your Heart is a cathartic listen, an exorcism of personal demons scored to an invigorating soundtrack through the eyes of a passionate idealist. THE XCERTS writes euphoric anthems about falling in love no matter how bleak the darkness gets. They capture that magical moment where you first fixed eyes with someone across the room and started feeling butterflies at the pit of your stomach. The only music THE XCERTS will ever be able to write is going to come straight from the heart and aim straight for the gut. ‘I am someone who romanticises pretty much everything and anything’ he admits ‘but I also wanted it to be something pure, real and honest. We want to make people feel like anything is possible whilst listening to this record.’ The Xcerts LP is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £15

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