The Vaccines Vinyl – Pick-Up Full Of Pink Carnations Recycled Signed Print Vinyl


Pick-Up Full Of Pink Carnations Recycled Signed Print Vinyl – The Vaccines Vinyl from Vinyl Records London

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Includes standard weight Ecomix vinyl in a single pocket jacket with printed inner sleeve 43 1 signed cover artwork print. Shrinkwrapped.Please note each vinyl will be unique and will differ from the image displayedPickup full of pink carnations is a line that came to me when i first moved to la and was writing the song the dreamer. it felt really familiar but I didn039t know where it came from. It took me a few months to realise that it is a misremembered lyric from don mcleans american pie, which was funny to me because that song had always sounded like disillusionment, the death of innocence and the death of the american dream. a bit like a dream itself, the line was mixed and misremembered.Living, writing and recording the record in la a place we all grew up intoxicated by the notion of definitely forced me to confront the fact that however much we may dream, and however far we may run, we cant escape reality. and expectation vs reality is something we all face in our lives every day. were told that we can have it all. but some things we can039t have. and some things we have, we lose.but whilst what we experience may be different from dreams, it doesnt have to be worse.Our last album was an album about love. This is an album about loss. but i don039t think that has to be a bad thing. pink carnations symbolise gratitude and tell a person theyll never be forgotten. So whether its the loss of a lover, or a friend or even just a dream the record is a reminder that theyll live on in whatever capacity the mind allows them to. and its a reminder to keep on dreaming. The Vaccines Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £24

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