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Ultra Bundle – The Ninth Wave new Bundle In Stock from Vinyl Records London

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Includes limited signed print.Heavy Like a Headache pressed onto heavyweight ecomix coloured vinyl, 100 recycled and each one is unique. Vinyl colour will be a lucky dip. Housed in an antistatic, black inner sleeve accompanied by a lyric sheet.Ecomix vinyl is comprised of leftover wax from the factory which makes each record completely random. They can vary in colour and pattern and are more environmentally friendly.1. Intro 2. Maybe You Didnt Know3. Heron on the Water4. Interlude5. Hard Not To Hold You 6. These Depopulate Hours 7. The Morning Room 8. Everything Will Be Fine 9. These Depopulate Hours Reprise 10. What Makes You a Man 11. Piece and Pound Coins12. Heavy Like a Headache 13. Pivotal 14. Some 15. Song for Leaving The Ninth Wave Bundle is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £34 +P&P

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