The Kinks – Face To Face Stereo Heavyweight LP


Face To Face Stereo Heavyweight LP – The Kinks LP from Vinyl Records London

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Face to Face is one of the finest collections of pop songs released during the 60s. Conceived as a loose concept album, Face to Face sees Ray Davies fascination with English class and social structures flourish, as he creates a number of vivid character portraits. Davies growth as a lyricist coincided with the Kinks musical growth. Face to Face is filled with wonderful moments, whether its the mocking Hawaiian guitars of the rocker Holiday in Waikiki, the droning Eastern touches of Fancy, the music hall shuffle of Dandy, or the lazily rolling Sunny Afternoon. These examples only scratches the surface of the riches of Face to Face, which offers other classics like Rosy Wont You Please Come Home, Party Line, Too Much on My Mind, Rainy Day in June, and Most Exclusive Residence for Sale, making the record one of the most distinctive and accomplished albums of its time. The Kinks LP is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £20

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