The Dream Machine – Thank God! Its the Dream Machine Signed Black Vinyl-T-Shirt


Thank God! Its the Dream Machine Signed Black Vinyl-T-Shirt – The Dream Machine new Vinyl-T-Shirt In Stock from Vinyl Records London

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Thank God Its The Dream Machinehellip is the bands hotly anticipated debut album. A selfproduced collection of 12 tracks exploring everything from love and loss to angels, dogs and The Devil. Recorded on an 8track in the winter of 2021 in the bands rehearsal space. The album treads a familiar path of 60s inspired pop anthems, psychedelictinged country, punk, doo wop and everything inbetween. 1. Lola, In The Morning 2. Tears3. Children, My England 4. Sweet Mary 5. TV BabySatans Child6. The Time Around 7. White Shadow Blues8. Intermission9. Away For The Summer 10. The Last Temptation 11. Always On My Mind12. Angel Of The North The Dream Machine Vinyl-T-Shirt is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £35.99 +P&P

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