The Alan Parsons Project – Pyramid 2024 Remaster-Expanded Edition CD-Clear Vinyl


Pyramid 2024 Remaster-Expanded Edition CD-Clear Vinyl – The Alan Parsons Project new Vinyl In Stock from Vinyl Records London

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The Alan Parsons Project 039Pyramid039 is reissued in a variety of different formats including as a remastered CD with 4 bonus tracks amp as a limited edition 180GM Heavyweight Clear Vinyl LP Half speed remastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road studios.1LP 180gm clear coloured vinyl, printed inner, gatefold sleeve.Their third studio album Pyramid was originally released in May 1978. It was a concept album centred on the pyramids of Giza. At the time this album was conceived, interest in pyramids and socalled pyramid power was all the rage. A pyramid could be found on the back of a dollar bill, there were stories in the newspapers about the supposed magical properties of pyramids and of course, the cover of Pink Floyds Dark Side of the Moon.As with other APP albums, the focus was on very highquality studio sound production, and they recorded the album at Abbey Road Studios in London. There were a variety of different lead vocalists employed including John Miles, Colin Blunstone, Lenny Zakatek, David Paton, Jack Harris and Dean Ford. Plus, a selection of session musicians such as guitarist Ian Bairnson and drummer Stuart Elliott with arrangements by Andrew Powell.The album was a worldwide hit selling well in excess of two million copies, achieving platinum and gold status in numerous territories including the USA, Germany and Canada.About The Alan Parsons ProjectThe Alan Parsons Project was a progressive rock music entity comprised of engineer producer Alan Parsons and songwriter, musician and manager Eric Woolfson. They released 10 concept albums which focused on subject matter such as science fiction, supernatural, literary and sociological themes between 1976 1987 and have sold in excess of 55 million albums worldwide. Featuring a 2024 remaster of the original album by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios Includes 4 additional previously unreleased bonus tracks A fully illustrated 12 page booklet containing a sleevenote featuring quotes from Alan Parsons as well as full lyricsVinylSide One1. Voyager2. What Goes Up3. The Eagle Will Rise Again4. One More River5. Cant Take It With YouSide Two1. In The Lap Of The Gods2. Pyramania3. HyperGammaSpaces4. Shadow Of A Lonely ManCD1. Voyager2. What Goes Up3. The Eagle Will Rise Again4. One More River5. Cant Take It With You6. In The Lap Of The Gods7. Pyramania8. HyperGammaSpaces9. Shadow Of A Lonely ManBonus Tracks10. Voyager Early Mix11. What Goes Up Early Rough Mix12. The Eagle Will Rise Again Rough Mix Featuring Backing Vocals13. Shadow Of A Lonely Man Eric Woolfson Demo Vocal The Alan Parsons Project Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £35 +P&P

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