Taylor McCall T-Shirt – Mellow War CD + Desert T-Shirt


Mellow War CD + Desert T-Shirt – Taylor McCall T-Shirt from Vinyl Records London

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From Taylor To me Mellow War is paying homage to my late grandpa, but also in relation to where I’ m at musically. My grandpa went to Vietnam. The image on the front is him in Vietnam. These are songs that are sort of letters to home that I imagined he might have sent. My grandpa was a life inspiration for me it was bigger than just music. The songs are a tribute to everything he stood for and everything he taught me. It’ s a way for me to share with him even when he’ s in another dimension. This isn’ t just about me or myself. This isn’ t music about myself.Mellow War will be Taylors 2nd studio album release.Produced by Taylor McCall and Sean McConnell Michael Franti, Wade Bowen and more.1. Sinking Sand2. Mellow War3. Rest on Easy4. Tide of Love5. Rolling Stoned Again6. Whiskey Costs Less7. Star of the Morning8. Angel Falling Down9. Hard to Love You10. I Want You Still11. Born Again12. You to Blame Taylor McCall T-Shirt is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £30

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