Swim Deep – Theres A Big Star Outside Choice of Vinyl-T-Shirt


Theres A Big Star Outside Choice of Vinyl-T-Shirt – Swim Deep new Vinyl-T-Shirt In Stock from Vinyl Records London

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This album heralds a creative rebirth, following close collaboration with beloved solo artist and producer Bill RyderJones. With their most raw, affective and mature work to date, now stand on the precipice of something familiar but wholly new a Swim Deep record that steps into the confident, experienced territory that you just cant claim when youre a wideeyed twentysomething.1. How Many Love Songs Have Died In Vegas2. Very Heaven3. These Words4. Robin5. Dont Make Me a Stranger 6. First Song7. Big Star8. Its Just Sun In Your Eyes9. So Long, So Far MarbleBellied Baby10. Fire Surrounds Swim Deep Vinyl-T-Shirt is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £43 +P&P

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