Spice Girls Vinyl – Spice 25th Anniversary Light Green Vinyl


Spice 25th Anniversary Light Green Vinyl – Spice Girls Vinyl from Vinyl Records London

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Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Spice Girls multiplatinum debut album ‘Spice’ , first released in the UK on 4 November 1996 and number 1 in 18 countries around the world. An expanded 2CD set contains the original 10 track album, along with bonus tracks BSides taken from the four singles ‘Wannabe’ , ‘Say You’ ll Be There’ , ‘2 Become 1’ and ‘Mama’ ‘ Who Do You Think You Are’ all No. 1 in the UK. The second disc contains a selection of the many remixes commissioned for the singles, along with previously unreleased songs. The original 10 track album will also be made available as a Zoetrope animated vinyl picture disc and five different coloured vinyl LPs. Spice Girls Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £20

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