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The Modern Age LP – Sleeper LP from Vinyl Records London

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On 22nd March 2019, Sleeper release their first album in 21 years, The Modern Age. It wasn’t meant to happen. In fact, the band had promised each other it never would. ‘We had no plan to get back together. Sometimes life throws you a massive curve ball. You end up jumping off the cliff, just to see what it feels like.’ Singer, Louise Wener The band spent summer 2018 recording The Modern Age with their long time producer, Stephen Street a relationship that clicked into place again right away. They tracked live at Metway studios in their adopted city of Brighton, before decamping to Street’s studio in West London to add the finishing touches. The Modern Age is the outward looking sound of a band revitalized and refreshed. Covering subjects from motherhood and social media to personal loss and, inevitably, relationships. The Modern Age retains Sleeper’s classic pop sensibilities with a shiny, new, contemporary feel. The first single to be taken from the album is Look at You Now. Initially it appears to be referencing Sleeper’s comeback, but it’s a protest song at heart a howl for the politically homeless in a landscape where reasoned debate has given way to vitriol. Sleeper LP is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £12

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