Shed Seven T-Shirt – A Matter of Time Deluxe Digipak Signed + T-Shirt


A Matter of Time Deluxe Digipak Signed + T-Shirt – Shed Seven T-Shirt from Vinyl Records London

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‘A Matter of Time’ sees Shed Seven look back to their roots, drawing inspiration from the records and sounds that ignited their passion for songwriting over 35 years ago. Delivered with a renewed and youthful enthusiasm they have created without a doubt some of the very best songs of their career.A MATTER OF TIME DELUXE DIGIPAK1. Lets Go2. Kissing California3. Talk of the Town4. Lets Go Dancing 5. In Ecstasy ft. Rowetta 6. Tripping With You ft. Laura McClure 7. Lets Go Again8. Real Love9. FKH10. Starlings11. Ring the Changes 12. Throwaways ft. Peter Doherty Bonus Tracks13. Watch Out World 14. Feels Like Heaven15. Starlings Demo Shed Seven T-Shirt is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £30