Sea Power – The Decline Of British Sea Power LP


The Decline Of British Sea Power LP – Sea Power LP from Vinyl Records London

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The Decline album on highquality vinyl.Original press reaction to the Decline album ‘Stadiumsized melodies and exquisite songwritinghellip The intelligent, nonconformist listener has a new band to love’ ndash MOJO ‘One of the most exciting albums of 2003’ ndash The Daily Telegraph ‘The Flaming Lips love this band, now it’s your turn. British Sea Power’s vision makes most rock seem callow and weakminded’ The Word ‘With most bands jumping on the tired garagerock bandwagon, BSP’s mystic romanticism is a magical alternative’ ndash Gay Times ‘Light up those clifftop beacons ndash British Sea Power might have signed up to see the world, but this incredible debut album makes it sound like they intend to rule it’ ndash The Fly1. Men Together Today 2. Apologies to Insect Life 3. Favours in The Beetroot Fields 4. Something Wicked 5. Remember Me 6. Fear Of Drowning 7. The Lonely 8. Carrion 9. Blackout 10. Lately11. A Wooden Horse Sea Power LP is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £22

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