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Thunderbolt Red Vinyl LP – Saxon LP from Vinyl Records London

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Saxon’s earspankingly crushing THUNDERBOLT Feb 2nd 2018, Silver Lining Music, is a glorious combination of searing Saxon riffery wrapped in crunchingly contemporary modern metal. The 22nd album of a supreme 41 year career, THUNDERBOLT was produced by renowned metal technician Andy Sneap at his Backstage Studios in rural Derbyshire, UK. And when fans put on the likes of the title track ‘Thunderbolt’ , ‘Predator’ featuring guest vocalist Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth and ‘Nosferatu The Vampire’s Waltz’ it will be hard to remember, let alone fathom, that Saxon stride the earth not as young bucks but wiseowls, a band who knows exactly how to channel supermolten energy and hit the metal heights in a way that fuses ’81 and ’18 at the hip.In two of the album’s standout moments, Saxon have crafted a cracking sequel to the 1980 fan favourite ‘Motorcycle Man’ with ‘Speed Merchants’ , and they pay a storming tribute to their metal brothers Motoumlrhead with ‘They Played Rock And Roll’ which is exactly what you hope it is THUNDERBOLT reached the Top 30 in the Official UK Charts at No 29, their highest UK chart position since their 1984’s ‘Crusader’ album. Worldwide critically acclaimed, THUNDERBOLT also entered the Top 5 in the German 100 National Album Charts, the band’s highest entry in Germany to date. Saxon LP is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £22.5

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