Saxon Slipmat – The Eagle Has Landed 40 – Live Slipmat


The Eagle Has Landed 40 – Live Slipmat – Saxon Slipmat from Vinyl Records London

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Official Saxon The Eagle Has Landed 40 Live Slipmat.SAXON’ s 40th Anniversary release, The Eagle Has Landed 40 Live,is a cracking, crunching and wholly representative celebration of four decades as one of the UK’ s leading heavy metal lights. Entire musical genres have been born and died since Saxon released their selftitled debut in 1979, and through all the eras and all the trends, Saxon have continued to both entertain fans everywhere and prosper with albums and tours saturated in the band’ s consistent trademark sound and quality. The Eagle Has Landed 40 Livecelebrates all the classics from their early years with the modern classics which have continued to define Saxon as legends. Forty songs covering four decades, from ‘State Of Grace ‘ to ‘Machine Gun ‘ , from the blistering ‘20,000 FT ‘ to the thunderous ‘Battering Ram ‘ , Saxon bring you on a victorious, boisterous journey through the human waves at Wacken, the stalwart supporters in Berlin, the mad dogs and Englishmen in London and other illustrious international cities via a selection of songs chosenby none other than Biff Byford himself. There are also tributes to their old friends and former colleagues MotORhead, with the supercharged ‘They Played Rock and Roll ‘ and a cover of ‘Ace of Spades ‘ featuring an appearance from the dearly departed ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke. And to round off the MotORSaxon magic, there’ s a roaring version of the classic ‘747 Strangers in the Night ‘ featuring Phil Campbell from Helsinki in 2015.The final result is not simply a quintaple album of great music, but a stirring and gloriously LOUD odyssey through golden years of metal history guaranteed to bring the headbanger out of even the mellowest rocker in the room. Saxon Slipmat is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £10

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