Reytons Vinyl – Ballad Of A Bystander CD Signed + Cassette + Red Vinyl


Ballad Of A Bystander CD Signed + Cassette + Red Vinyl – Reytons Vinyl from Vinyl Records London

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After conquering the charts and claiming the number one trophy last time out with Whats Rock And Roll, we are back with our third full length album Ballad Of A Bystander. Were once again releasing 100 independently, with no label backing. Lets get out there and do it all again AllReytonsDue for release 26th January 2024.Individually signed by the band members, whilst stocks last CDAdrenalineWorlds Greatest ActorMarket StreetLet Me BreatheNot Today MateMinus OneSeven In Search Of TenListenWhat She Wont DoNineteen Crimes2006Knees Up Reytons Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £32.99

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