Peter Alexander Jobson – Burn The Ration Books of Love Signed & Numbered Test Pressing Vinyl


Burn The Ration Books of Love Signed & Numbered Test Pressing Vinyl – Peter Alexander Jobson new Vinyl In Stock from Vinyl Records London

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Limited to 25 copies only.039Burn The Ration Books of Love039 by Peter Alexander Jobson is an extraordinary collection that blends genres as diverse as countryflavoured psychedelia and cocktail jazz with the spirit of the Northern variety circuit. With his Northumberland accent and a voice that tells the tale of two decades in smokefilled rooms followed by latenight drinking sessions, his vocals answer the question what if Serge Gainsbourg had been born in the North East of England Inspirations include Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Scott Walker, blues and country legends like Robert Johnson and Hank Williams, and Northern entertainers of days past like Les Dawson and the great Jake Thackray.All those influences come to bear on the first solo album by Jobson, who made his name as bass guitarist and keyboard player in I Am Kloot. After six albums and 16 successful years together the cult trio of Jobson, drummer Andy Hargreaves and singerguitarist John Bramwell broke up after a final triumphant performance at the Royal Festival Hall as part of the 2016 Meltdown Festival on Londons South Bank. I Am Kloot were noted for their distinctive sound, the jazzy swing of Jobson and Hargreaves rhythm section blended with the dark poetry of Bramwells bleak and emotional songs about drinking and disaster. Kloot built a fervent following both in the UK and across Europe, culminating in a Mercury Music Prize nomination for their lavish fifth album, 039Sky At Night039 produced by Elbows Guy Garvey and Craig Potter in 2010. Peter Alexander Jobson Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £50 +P&P

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