Pat Metheny – Dream Box Double LP


Dream Box Double LP – Pat Metheny LP from Vinyl Records London

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20time Grammy winner Pat Metheny returns with his most personal record to date Dream Box out 16 June, 2023. ‘Dream Box is an unusual recording for me,’ says Pat. ‘A compilation of tracks recorded across a few years. While on tour this past year 2022, I discovered a forgotten folder on my drive. I often make quick recordings of things a new tune, a new or old guitar, a standard tune, or just to try something out. I have a folder where I stash these things, truthfully, usually never to be heard again. These nine tracks were my favorites and added up to something unique for me. I never played anything more than once. These are really moments in time, and in fact, I have almost no memory of having recorded most of them. They just kind of showed up. Music exists for me in an elusive state, often at its best when discovered apart from any particular intention. I hope folks might find some dreams of their own in this music.’ Pat Metheny LP is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £28

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