Nina Nesbitt – Alskar Transparent Green Vinyl


Alskar Transparent Green Vinyl – Nina Nesbitt new Vinyl In Stock from Vinyl Records London

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Made in the show of the introspection, loss and fear of lockdown, lskar celebrates life in all of its complexities as well as love in every form imaginable. As weve heard from its previous singles Dinner Table and When You Lose Someone, lskar meaning to love in Swedish, a reflection of Ninas halfSwedish heritage shimmers with both tender, intimate ballads and huge escapist 80stinged bangers that beg for the dancefloor.Nina says, Making this album was a completely different experience to anything Ive made before, although a lot of the music was created remotely, I feel that Ive processed so much and learnt a lot about the relationships in my life during the last few years. I wanted to capture all types of love in their raw forms, whether it be romantic, heartbreak, friendship, coming of age, familial or self love.In addition to the singles, lskar introduces highlights at every turn. The early landmark moment Teenage Chemistry celebrates Ninas current longterm relationship with beatdriven dreamy elegance and the instantly relatable lyrics. It then journeys through the minimalist ambient pop of No Time For My Life To Suck, an intimate, acoustic arrangement on I Should Be A Bird, and cinematic balladeering with Colours of You. By the time the album closes with the gorgeously glacial title track, its evident that Nina Nesbitt has created an album that primes her for a much bigger future. Nina Nesbitt Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £22 +P&P

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