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Sinfonia Triple Vinyl – New Model Army new Vinyl In Stock from Vinyl Records London

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bull 3LP Sinfonia , 33rpm, 180g Black Vinylbull Printed Inner Sleevesbull 20page LP Bookletbull Including DVD with full live show together with the Sinfonia Leipzig orchestra, filmed at Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany on July 15th, 2022New Model Army are a band who continue to thrive outside of any singular genre. Throughout their long and storied career, they have taken the road less travelled, shunning fame and instead, with each successive album, pushing boundaries of creativity.It is the same musicfirst approach that has led to this years Sinfonia . Recorded at Tempodrom, Berlin on July 15th 2022, with Sinfonia Leipzig and conducted by Cornelius During, it may seem like an obvious evolution, however, in true New Model Army style they have broken the barriers between band and orchestra, redefining that relationship and defying expectation. All songs have been arranged for orchestra by longtime friend and guest violinist ShirRan Yinon, who, in collaboration with the band, created something unique but staying true to New Model Army.The show opens with the fully orchestral Overture, but from the initial notes of Devils Bargain to the closing of Wonderful Way To Go, it is a journey through vital and visceral music, elevating the songs with power and sensitivity and resulting in an album subverting the expectations of the welltrodden path between rock bands and orchestras. New Model Armys music lends itself perfectly to this fresh interpretation without losing its individuality. Experimentation without compromise is a hallmark of New Model Army, and one of the primary reasons they are respected and revered. New Model Army Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £40 +P&P

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