Motörhead Vinyl – Bad Magic Picture Gold Heavyweight Vinyl


Bad Magic Picture Gold Heavyweight Vinyl – Motörhead Vinyl from Vinyl Records London

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On Aug 28th 2015, legendary British rock n roll trio Motrhead released their 22nd studio album Bad Magic which reached Top 10 on the Official Album Charts in 12 countries, including scoring 1 in Germany, Austria and Finland.Produced by Cameron Webb, and recordedmixed at NRG Studios in North Hollywood, CA, Bad Magic contains an unheard of, bumpersized 13 tracks, comprising 12 Motrtunes and a truly epic cover of The Rolling Stones classic Sympathy For The Devil.Bristling with thunderous attitude, and some of the fiercest rhythms and riffs thatll assault your ears, Bad Magic demands that you fall to your knees and pray heartily that your senses dont get completely pulverized, because bigrig head crushers like the totemic and Motranthemic Thunder and Lightning show that Motrhead are as strong, mean, loud, relentless, uncompromising and goddam heavy as ever.Drawing on their own vast catalogue of roadwarrior freewheeling rock n roll spirit, Bad Magic also strides confidently into some of the earlier attitudes of Motrmusic. There is the driving malevolence of Choking On Your Screams underscoring Lemmy in magnificently omnipotent vocal mood, Electricity carries a hefty chunk of punk attitude married with some of Phil Campbells best lead work yet, and Shoot Out All of Your Lights screams devilish, greasy, bikerbornscrewyouandyours attitude, Mikkey Dees tribal drums pounding out a great path for more Kilmister proclamations. Motörhead Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £25

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