Madeline Bell Vinyl – Doin’ Things Black History Month Lime Coloured Vinyl


Doin’ Things Black History Month Lime Coloured Vinyl – Madeline Bell Vinyl from Vinyl Records London

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A firsttime reissue of Doin Things by legendary singer Madeline Bell.Dusty Springfield, The Rolling Stones, John Lennon, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Joe Cocker, Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart, Donna Summer, and many more. What, or more precisely who do they all have in common the backing vocal skills of Madeline BellMadeline Bell moved from the US to the UK after touring in Black Nativity, a travelling musical that toured all over America and Europe. She established herself as one of the most indemand vocal session musicians, including for her friend Dusty Springfield, most notably on the album, Evrythings Coming Up Dusty. What is less well known is that Dusty can also be heard on Madelines records. In 1968, six years after settling in England, an executive at Philips Records heard her working in a studio and offered her a contract. Madeline released three albums on Philips before she went onto become a chart regular as colead singer with Roger Cook of the group Blue Mink, big hits include Melting Pot, Banner Man, Good Morning Freedom.Doin Thingsis Madelines 1969 album and showcases her vocal artistry. A mix of covers such asStep Inside LoveandTo Sir, With Love, are mixed with lesserknown tracks.For Your Pleasurewas written by Georgie Fame as a Bside and Madelines interpretation is wistful and heartbreaking. Madeline appears on the composer credits for two tracks on the album collaborating with the legendary John Paul Jones Gotta Get Away From HereandAint Gonna Cry Any More. Four musical directors were also brought in for the Doin Things sessions Arthur Greenslade, Keith Mansfield, Ian Green and Derek Wadsworth each bringing a different take on the tracks featured. What that meant was Doin Things perfectly showcased Madelines incredible voice, versatility and artistry.Madeline Bell You may not have heard the name, but you have certainly heard the voice. Madeline Bell Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £30

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