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Vinyl Limited to 300 copies onlyLonely The Brave are today announcing details of their new album What We Do To Feel and sharing its lead single The Lens.In a world that can so often feel conflicted, out of control and lacking in logic it has become harder and harder to make space for things that really matter. As Lonely The Brave set about the process of writing what would be their fourth studio album What We Do To Feel ndash out 10th November via Easy Life ndash it became clear that the importance to them of lifes more quietly spoken moments would be a central focus. What We Do To Feel uses the bands great power for emotional, skyscraping melodies to strip away the wood in order to see the trees.What We Do To Feel is also an album of hope, hardship, hurdles and gratitude, and looks to give genuine purpose to normality. It reiterates that the things we care about and the things we put our time into make us who we are, and so when the album process became the first time the band had been so separate from each other, the ethos was to wrench as much joy from those moments as possible. It also allowed the band the chance to step away and view their work with a wider lens, active in its creation but following rather than forcing it to become something it didnt want to.Vinyl TracklistingA. 1. Long WayA. 2. The LensA. 3. Our Sketch OutA. 4. VictimA. 5. Colour Me SadB. 1. The RampB. 2. In The WellB. 3. Eventide B. 4. UnseenB. 5. The Bear Lonely The Brave Vinyl-Download is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £24 +P&P

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