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Deeper Boxset – Lisa Stansfield new Boxset In Stock from Vinyl Records London

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On Deeper , the Grammy nominated, multi BRIT winning artist challengesherself without compromising her signature style. Deeper showcases somebrand new signature Lisa songs, like the cluboriented Everything but at thesame time shows the British songwriter in a more melodic light with tracks suchas Billionaire . This smoothly interlocking selection of songs is carried byStansfields bulky and multifaceted voice, a voice which has brought herworldwide recognition and praise. The album features funky groovy disco tracks,welltempered soulpop ballads, as well as laidback easylistening songs. Thiscomes together into a wellcrafted blend which sounds as strongwilled as LisaStansfield has proven to be. Lisa Stansfield Boxset is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £26.99 +P&P

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