Liam Gallagher Vinyl – Knebworth 22 Sun Yellow Double Vinyl


Knebworth 22 Sun Yellow Double Vinyl – Liam Gallagher Vinyl from Vinyl Records London

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Liam Gallagher will document his triumphant twonight Knebworth Park shows with the release of the live album ‘Knebworth 22’ on August 11th. Returning to the scene of the eradefining Oasis gigs of the ’90s, the huge audience stretched from fans who had been present some 26 years earlier right through to teenagers relishing the excitement of their first big gig. ‘Knebworth 22’ is a musthave live album for any fan who wants to relive the experience. ‘Knebworth 22′ is released alongside a live video of the weekend’ s surprises. ‘Roll It Over’ originally featured on the Oasis album ‘Standing On The Shoulder of Giants’ .Includes A2 poster replica ticket Yellow ticket Liam Gallagher Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £50

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