Kula Shaker – Natural Magick Black Vinyl


Natural Magick Black Vinyl – Kula Shaker Vinyl from Vinyl Records London

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As anyone who has seen them in the flesh can tell you, Kula Shakers live shows are less like gigs than bonafide happenings, where the bilateral flow of positive energy feels powerful enough to levitate. The band’s brandnew 7th studio album, NATURAL MAGICK, finds the original 4 members delivering their renewed wild energy that we know and love. A mesmeric 13track incantation incorporating blazing psychedelic sermons, raga raveups, stardustcoated pop pearls and moodenhancing mantras, it is a technicolor sonic pathway towards a more enlightened state of mind. There is kinetic energy coursing through every second of NATURAL MAGICK’ that is planted firmly in the rolling 24hour newsfeed mindmash that is todays Planet Earth….This chapter in the bands life is very much driven by live energy and that spiritual connection with the audiences which comes with it, We all agreed to make this album a Kula Shaker fans dream. It was very similar to the way we recorded K, back when we only had half an hour to blow people away, and recording much of it inbetween shows while touring.Crispian Mills Kula Shaker Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £22

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