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A Modern Day Distraction Clear-Black Vinyl – Jake Bugg new Vinyl In Stock from Vinyl Records London

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Fresh off the back of a tour as special guest to Liam Gallagher and John Squire, UK rock troubadour, Jake Bugg, returns with his forthcoming sixth album A Modern Day Distraction, out September 20th on RCA records. Alongside the announcement comes his new single Zombieland and a run of winter 2024 UK and EU dates. A bonecrunching BeatlesviaNirvana guitar driven banger, Zombieland is a rollicking ode to the many broken by the inescapable daily grind, trudging on with a stiff upper lip. Its fucking brutal, he says of the people hes known who exist in a constant cycle of working to live . Theyre not paid what theyre worth. People have the same routine every day, theyre at work more than they see their kids, then the government puts the retirement age up. Its not right. Produced by Metrophonic at Metrophonic Studios in London, Jake returns to his roots on the rockdriven A Modern Day Distraction ndash a record that turns up the noise while shining a light on the injustice hes seen dealt to the family and friends he grew up with. Fiery and engaged, the record was born out of a frustration of societal inequality. Bugg found that a time had come when he just couldnt look away. People might say What do you know or Just stick to music. Ive got a bit of money, but we all know the people this affects. I was just writing it because it was the way I felt. It pisses me off ndash especially in a country like ours where we have the means and funds to take care of the people suffering the most, but we choose not to. Now 12 years and six albums since he emerged with his streetwise and spritely, Mercury nominated, charttopping, selftitled debut, one might forget he was just 18 at the time. Hes put in the hours and achieved so much, but hes only 30 and still seeing the front rows of his shows getting younger. In that spirit, Bugg still feels his best work is ahead of him You just have to put your songs out into the universe and hope for the best. Jake Bugg Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £39 +P&P

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