Isobel Campbell – Bow To Love Yellow-Vinyl


Bow To Love Yellow-Vinyl – Isobel Campbell new Yellow-Vinyl In Stock from Vinyl Records London

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An inquisitive, complex and fully matured album from an artist who has travelled long and far. Campbell was first noticed as a teenage founder member of Belle amp Sebastian, before she released two dreamfolk solo albums under the name The Gentle Waves and left BampS in 2002. Two records under her own name followed, leading to a union with late rockcarved growler Mark Lanegan for three albums of gravelnhoney Americana duets, where Lanegan would stand aside while Campbell called the creative shots.A move to LA and a neardecade of label troubles followed the latter ended with There Is No Other in 2020 before as Campbell puts it the world went down the crapper for the pandemic. And on Bow to Love, suggests Campbell, the worlds ongoing troubles are clear. Anyone with two eyes, a brain and a heart can see that people are struggling, and I suppose I have a lot of thoughts about that. And its this album.An album that also, says Campbell, has thoughts about how the future remains unwritten. I feel like were living in some kind of dystopia, but I think its up to us what we buy into and what we react to. We do have a choice, even if sometimes we think we dont. You can still see acts of great kindness. In all the bleakness, thats what I hang on to. We are cocreators. Where we go next is up to us. Mounted with clearsighted artistry and care, Bow to Love is a light in the dark of uncertain times. Isobel Campbell Yellow-Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £25 +P&P

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