Ihsahn – The Hyperborean Collection MMVI- MMXXI Boxset


The Hyperborean Collection MMVI- MMXXI Boxset – Ihsahn new Boxset In Stock from Vinyl Records London

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More than any other artist to emerge from the fertile black metal scene of the early 90s, Ihsahn has firmly established himself as an unpredictable maverick. Frontman and chief composer with the legendary Emperor, he rewrote the rulebook on epic extreme music across a series of albums that are still widely regarded as classics. From the genredefining majesty of In The Nightside Eclipse in 1994 to 2001s wildly progressive tourdeforce Prometheus The Discipline Of Fire amp Demise, Ihsahns unique approach and liberated musical ethos ensured that when he embarked on a solo career with 2006s The Adversary, fans were primed to expect the unexpected.Since that debuts explosive arrival, Ihsahn has forged fearlessly ahead, conjuring an extraordinary catalogue of groundbreaking solo albums along the way. Strong roots in extreme metal have remained an integral part of his everevolving sound, but from the saxophonedrenched melancholy of 2010s After to the avantgarde squall of 2013s Das Seelenbrechen and on to the ornate duality that produced the vicious and weatherbeaten Arktis 2016 and the icily claustrophobic mr 2018, Ihsahns musical journey has been relentlessly fascinating and frequently revelatory. Box includes seven double LPs, two single LPs, all on 140g ultraclear vinyl. Bringing Ihsahns coreworks in one unique box, including a 36page booklet. Limited to 1,000 copies a true collectors item. Artwork lovingly restored by Dan Capp design. Vinyl mastered by Jens Borgren Opeth, Katatonia, Soilwork. Ihsahn Boxset is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £219.99 +P&P

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