Hellhammer – Apocalyptic Raids Red Vinyl LP


Apocalyptic Raids Red Vinyl LP – Hellhammer LP from Vinyl Records London

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In celebration of its 40th anniversary and also tying in with the new release from Triumph of Death live album and Noise Records 40th, this classic album is being reissued on red vinyl. Hellhammer were a metal band from Switzerland that are credited as being pioneers of extreme metal and the black metal genre, along with Venom and Bathory in the early 1980s. Formed by Tom G Warrior and Martin Eric Ain who went on to form Celtic Frost Apocalyptic Raids was originally released in 1984 and is a cult classic that is revered as a hugely influential release, that laid the blueprint for extreme metal as a whole. The band never performed live while active but in 2019 Tom G Warrior formed Triumph Of Death as a tribute to his former band and has been performing their music at festivals globally since. Concept and art direction by Tom G Warrior. New extended sleeves notes and unseen photos in a 24 page book Remastered by V.Santura Triptykon. Includes 2 posters Hellhammer LP is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £25

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