Groove Armada Vinyl – Late Night Tales Groove Armada Double Vinyl


Late Night Tales Groove Armada Double Vinyl – Groove Armada Vinyl from Vinyl Records London

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If its a smorgasbord of rare mellowtronica and dance music from two of the UKs most esteemed curators youre after, then you could do worse than to check out this brand new reissue of Late Night Tales Groove Armada that was originally released in 2008.For their second teamup with the legendary label and a release that even the BBC admits 039offers a selection of some great tunes039, Andy Cato and Tom Findlay have painstakingly compiled a collection of songs so varied, itll leave even the most openminded listener occasionally scratching their head. And yet, somehow, it works from an unlikely cover of Gary Numans Are Friends Electric to the arcane Americana of Beyond The Wizards Sleeves mix of Roscoe via a Balaeric edit of Will Young and a White Isleready edit of Chris Reas Josephine, the good ship Armada never fails to entrance. All aboardWhen I look back on my career the two things Im prob ably most proud of were the compilations we curated and the live show. They were two things I think we do really well. How many of them are still tunes that I play now Obvi ously it039s got Josephine which is an Ibizan anthem and its soundtracked all my best times in Ibiza. There are the times you find yourself playing one of those nice beachside bars or an afterparty somewhere, and you play that record and it raises a roof and this edit is one I play all the time, even now. Tom Findlay, Sept 2023 Groove Armada Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £23

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