Good Cop Bad Cop – Marble Zone Signed 7-Inch Vinyl-T-Shirt


Marble Zone Signed 7-Inch Vinyl-T-Shirt – Good Cop Bad Cop new Vinyl-T-Shirt In Stock from Vinyl Records London

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The Marble Zone limited edition 7 marks the return of Good Cop Bad Cop.All 250 will be pressed on marble vinyl and will be signed by Joe Carnall Jnr. With the help of producer and long time friend Gold Teeth, the band have been putting the finishing touches to their follow up to 2019s eponymous LP. Release dates and touring news to follow.Side A Marble ZoneOfficial Good Cop Bad Cop Merchandise.Photography by Pedalo. Good Cop Bad Cop Vinyl-T-Shirt is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £30 +P&P

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