Frank Black – Frank Black Francis White Double-Vinyl


Frank Black Francis White Double-Vinyl – Frank Black new Double-Vinyl In Stock from Vinyl Records London

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First released in 2004, Frank Black Francis is an album of early versions and reworkings of songs from across the Pixies catalogue. Available on vinyl for the very first time, this reissue features the complete collection pressed on two 140g white vinyl, housed in printed inner sleeves with an introduction by Frank Black Francis.LP 1 contains an acoustic solo demo tape from March 1987 which Black Francis recorded with engineer Gary Smith ahead of the very first Pixies recording session. Highlights include early versions of future classics such as The Holiday Song, Caribou and Nimrods Son.Recorded in 2003, LP 2 features Frank Blacks reworkings of Pixies songs with Keith Molin and Andy Diagram of David Thomas and Two Pale Boys. Frank Black Double-Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £29 +P&P

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