Dreadzone – Nine Berry Coloured Double Heavyweight Vinyl


Nine Berry Coloured Double Heavyweight Vinyl – Dreadzone new Vinyl In Stock from Vinyl Records London

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Nine is the ninth official studio album from Dreadzone. Its a reflection of the last 5 years a culmination of growing and reinventing the Dread sound. Always aware of the span of time that moves on, never knowing where the end of the road is but travelling towards a heroic destination.After celebrating the bands 30year anniversary last year, Nine welcomes the next phase of Dread with nine songs about redemption and division, love and loss and journeys inside, and around the earth. The album treads into new territories but still connects with the ambience of early Dreadzone albums.At the helm is producer, founder, writer and drummer Greg Dread with bassmaster Leo Williams plus Bazil on technology and Blake Roberts on guitar with new faces and voices joining Earl 16 and Spee on this record. Nine also features LSK Faithless, Cheshire Cat Leftfield, Zoe Devlin Alabama 3, Emma Gillespie and Donna Mckevitt the voice from Second light returning. Don Letts and Tim Bran also return to contribute lyrically and sonically. Dreadzone Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £30 +P&P

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