Desperate Journalist – No Hero Green With Black & White Marble Vinyl-T-Shirt


No Hero Green With Black & White Marble Vinyl-T-Shirt – Desperate Journalist new Vinyl-T-Shirt In Stock from Vinyl Records London

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Never knowingly lacking in a strife of surprises, crescendonically deadpan quartet DESPERATE JOURNALIST return to the musical affray with their fifth album, entitled 039No Hero039 and released on September 27th on fierce panda records.1. Adah2. No Hero3. Afraid4. Comfort5. Silent6. Underwater7. 78. Unsympathetic Parts 1 amp 29. You Say You039re Lonely10. Consolation Prize Desperate Journalist Vinyl-T-Shirt is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £50 +P&P

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