Cassia Vinyl – Why You Lacking Energy Tricolour Vinyl + Pink Vinyl


Why You Lacking Energy Tricolour Vinyl + Pink Vinyl – Cassia Vinyl from Vinyl Records London

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‘Why You Lacking Energy’ , is the trio’ s vivid second album. From lush, spacious piano ballads to crisp, synthdriven anthems, the selfproduced record digs into the tension in Cassia’ s music these are songs that feel like living in the moment, but are caught up in thoughts of the past and anxieties for the future. The soaring single ‘Motions’ ‘feels like sand slipping through your fingers, ‘ they say, ‘and that wave of relief when you realise you’ re not alone. ‘ Empowering for the band as much as their listeners, Cassia make songs that turn fears into fuel.Macclesfields finest, theyre a wonderful band Clara Amfo, BBC Radio 1Side A1 Mornings Coming2 Similar3 1618 Why You Lacking Energy4 Motions5 Colossal Happiness6 SeasonsSide B1 Boundless2 Dreams of My Past3 Drifting4 Not Enough Time to Think5 Right There6 See Myself Cassia Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £35

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