Ashnikko Vinyl – Weedkiller Alt Cover Eco Mix Coloured + Standard Coloured Vinyl


Weedkiller Alt Cover Eco Mix Coloured + Standard Coloured Vinyl – Ashnikko Vinyl from Vinyl Records London

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ALTERNATIVE COVER WEEDKILLER RECYCLED VINYLWEEDKILLER 13 track album, pressed onto 140g recycled eco mix coloured 12 ‘ vinyl with alternative coverWEEDKILLER STANDARD RECYCLED VINYLMy bioluminescent heart is glowing. My postapocalyptic fae world is here for you to journey into. My wings have been ripped out, but I’ ve built them anew using WEEDKILLER machine parts. I am the one sent here to eliminate you, WEEDKILLER. Debut album WEEDKILLER is a collection of irresistible songs that perfect the bold, genreblending sound that has defined Ashnikko’ s work to date. However, as Ashnikko fans will know, she is known for transporting listeners into her universe and WEEDKILLER is no exception. The WEEDKILLER universe that Ashnikko has created is a dystopian fantasy that tells the story of a fae civilization occupied and destroyed by machines that feed on organic matter where the faerie protagonist seeks revenge by becoming part machine a poetic commentary on environmental disaster and the rapid evolution of technology. Full of equal parts naked vulnerability and joyful rebellion, WEEDKILLER gives a thundering voice to the oppressed. Ashnikko Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £52

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