Allan Clarke Vinyl – I’ll Never Forget CD + Vinyl


I’ll Never Forget CD + Vinyl – Allan Clarke Vinyl from Vinyl Records London

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After returning unexpectedly from a 20year retirement with successful comeback album Resurgence in 2019, the voice of The Hollies ndash Allan Clarke ndash is back with a stunning new record. I’ ll Never Forget reunites Allan with his old Hollies bandmate, Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills And Nash fame.The two old friends from Manchester began writing together during the pandemic after over 40 years, resulting in the effortlessly catchy Buddy’ s Back, a tribute to the rock and roll great The Hollies were named after. Graham’ s beautiful trademark harmonies are present throughout the album, but this is very much Allan’ s record, tackling spirituality and redemption as well as romance in The Presence Of You the first love song Allan has written for his wife Jennifer the ‘Jennifer ‘ in The Hollies’ classic Jennifer Eccles after 59 years of marriage.1. You Need Someone To Save You 2. I’ ll Never Forget3. The Presence of You 4. Movin’ On 5. When Love Walked Out the Room 6. You Shine a Light 7. You Didn’ t Like It 8. Buddy’ s Back 9. Let’ s Take This Back to Bed 10. Maybe the Next Time 11. Who Am I Allan Clarke Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £30

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