Ali Farka Touré – Voyageur LP


Voyageur LP – Ali Farka Touré LP from Vinyl Records London

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Ali Farka Toureacute is well known as one of the most influential and talented guitarists that Africa has ever produced. His legacy and impact are hard to overstate Ali’s sound merged his muchloved traditional Malian musical styles with distinct elements of the blues, resulting in the creation of a groundbreaking new genre, now well known as the ‘Desert Blues’, earning him 3 Grammy awards and widespread reverence.’Voyageur’ is the first release of previously unheard music since 2010’s Grammywinning ‘Ali & Toumani’, and features a collection of previously unheard gems captured at various points in Ali’s illustrious career. The album, which features fellow Malian superstar Oumou Sangareacute on 3 tracks, reaffirms Ali’s status as a globally revered legend of African music.Contents4 page 12′ Booklet180g vinylSticker Ali Farka Touré LP is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £22

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