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Badlands On Fire Test Pressing Vinyl – Adam Nutter new Vinyl In Stock from Vinyl Records London

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Signed by Adam Nutter, Limited to 50 copies.Badlands On Fire is the debut solo album from The Music guitarist Adam Nutter.Produced by James Chapman, better known as Mercury Prize nominated recording artist Maps, Badlands On Fire is a collection of instrumentals born out of years of selfimposed creative isolation. Talking about the genesis of the album Adam says, The end of The Music brought about a feeling of great personal loss for me, I found it difficult to even listen to music and I didnt create anything for a decade. But having matured, repaired relationships, and rediscovered my love of music and playing guitar, I decided I wanted to write an instrumental album that effectively told the story of what was becoming my creative rebirth .It started out as an experiment but quickly became an incredibly fulfilling, artistically driven project. I wanted to create a cinematic and uplifting album driven by my guitar melodies, wrapped in symphonic beauty, all tied together sonically by James expansive production .The project has also spawned a collaboration with Scottish fine artist Ross McCully. Talking about the collaboration with McCully, Adam says, I came across Ross work online and something about his paintings resonated with me and seemed to connect with the music I was writing. Each piece of music on the album evokes such vivid imagery in my mind that I decided to ask Ross to paint a canvass for and inspired by each track. The pieces hes come up with are stunning, bursting with colour and vibrancy and perfectly capture the emotional essence of each track. The collaboration with Ross has been a cathartic celebration of joy and hope for me . Adam Nutter Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £50 +P&P

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