Various Artists – Absolute Beginners: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Double-Vinyl


Absolute Beginners: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Double-Vinyl – Various Artists new Double-Vinyl In Stock from Vinyl Records London

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In June 2020 USM will reissue a collection of twentytwo original songs recorded for Julian Temples 1986 film Absolute Beginners. The album will be available as a 2 LP set. This release will also mark the first time that all 22 songs have been available on CD, previous versions of this format being highlights only.The film cast included Patsy Kensit, David Bowie, Eddie OConnell, Ray Davies, Sade, James Fox, Mandy RiceDavies and Steven Berkoff with blink and youll miss it cameos from Sandie Shaw, Eric Sykes and Strictly judge Bruno Tonioli. The soundtrack album boasts three songs by David Bowie including the theme song, a 1986 number 2 single that werent included on any of his studio albums. It also includes the Sade song Killer Blow, Ray Davies first solo single Quiet Life, and Riot City, an eightandahalf minute Jazz instrumental that marked a first solo outing for Jerry Dammers. All three tracks are unavailable elsewhere. In addition there is an extended version of The Style Council single Have You Ever Had It Blue also unique to this album.The album was produced by Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley, whose many credits include No. 1 singles for Madness and Dexys Midnight Runners. It features brass arrangements by Gil Evans, widely recognised as one of the key orchestrators in jazz, acclaimed for his collaborations with Miles Davis. Various Artists Double-Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £25 +P&P

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