The Pharaohs – In The Basement RSD 2022 Vinyl


In The Basement RSD 2022 Vinyl – The Pharaohs Vinyl from Vinyl Records London

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The Pharaohs only managed one release during their short lifetime, 1971s masterful Awakening. But when the San Franciscobased jazzfunk reissue label Luv N Haight reissued Awakening in 1996, they also came out with a brandnew CD of mostly previously unreleased material called In the Basement. Most of this album was recorded live in 1972, after the already enormous 11piece band had grown to include four more players, including a sixth drummer. The live tracks are fascinating, because where Awakening sounds like an earthier and more Afrocentric version of Earth, Wind & Fire which several members of the Pharaohs would go on to found in 1973, the much loopier and more jazzoriented tracks here sound more like Sun Ra jamming with the PFunk All Stars. The 11minute take on the Stylistics People Make the World Go Round is absolutely indescribable, a mix of otherworldly horns and psychedelic guitars over a nonstop Africanstyle groove. Other highlights include the allrhythm Drum Suite, a hypnotic blend of organic polyrhythms and chanting. ndash AllMusic.Please allow 35 business days for dispatch. The Pharaohs Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £34

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