The Kinks – Preservation Act Heavyweight LP & Preservation Act 2 Heavyweight Double LP


Preservation Act Heavyweight LP & Preservation Act 2 Heavyweight Double LP – The Kinks LP from Vinyl Records London

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Preservation Act 1 is a concept album and the 12th studio LP by The Kinks, originally released on RCA on 16 November 1973.Preservation is the bands most ambitious project a rock opera that uses the charming, smalltown nostalgia of Village Green as a template to draw the entirety of society and how it works.Epic opener ‘Morning Song’ sets the scene and mood for the record, followed by a classic sounding Dave Davies’ riff, ‘Daylight’, which echoes themes and sounds tones of one their most recognisable and highly acclaimed albums, ‘The Village Green Preservation Society’.Standout tracks are the endearingly lazy ‘Sitting in the Midday Sun’ and the beautiful ‘Sweet Lady Genevieve’ ndash both strong contenders for overlooked Ray Davies masterpieces.A critically acclaimed album, reviewed by Rolling Stone at the time as A highly listenable, enjoyable album.This release is a faithful reproduction of the original 1973 album, on heavyweight 180g vinyl. A musthave for any Kinks fan and its first vinyl repress, apart from a limited edition 2008 US edition, since the original 1973 LP release.Side 1 1. Morning Song 2. Daylight 3. Sweet Lady Genevieve4. Theres a Change in the Weather 5. Where Are They Now 6. One of the Survivors Side 2 1. Cricket2. Money and Corruption I Am Your Man3. Here Comes Flash4. Sitting In The Midday Sun5. DemolitionPreservation Act 2 is the 1974 followup to The Kinks’ 1973 Preservation Act 1 RCA album, and their thirteenth studio LP.The album is a finely produced concept of story, theatre, instrumentals, announcements, guest singers and songs.A further installement of Ray Davies’ musical drama, with the character sketches, wry observations and ballads seen on Preservation Act 1.Full of The Kinks’ distinctive and unique charm, featuring gems such as ‘Money Talks’, ‘He’s Evil’, ‘Mirror Of Love’ and ‘Artificial Man’.This is a 2LP black heavyweight 180g vinyl in gatefold sleeve, with original artwork faithfully reproduced. The first repress, apart from a limited edition 2008 US pressing, since the original release in 1974.Side 1 1. Announcement 1 2. Introduction to Solution 3. When a Solution Comes 4. Money Talks 5. Announcement 2 6. Shepards of the Nation Side 21. Scum of the Earth 2. Second Hand Car Spiv 3. Hes Evil4. Mirror of Love 5. Announcement 3Side 31. Nobody Gives 2. Oh Where Oh Where Is Love 3. Flashs Dream The Final Elbow 4. Flashs Confession Side 41. Nothing Lasts Forever 2. Announcement 4 3. Artificial Man4. Scrapheap City 5. Announcement 5 6. Salvation Road The Kinks LP is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £43

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