Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Mars Soundtrack Yellow Flame Coloured Heavyweight Vinyl


Mars Soundtrack Yellow Flame Coloured Heavyweight Vinyl – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis new Vinyl In Stock from Vinyl Records London

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Nick Cave amp Warren Ellis present a suitably epic, wondrous soundtrack suite for Mars, the National Geographic Channels 6part series. The fictional TV series tells the story of the first astronaut crew on a mission to Mars in 2033. Directed by Eve rardo Gout and produced by Ron Howard amp Brian Grazer, the series aired in November 2016.Composers Nick Cave and Warren Ellis deliver a pitchperfect score to complement the thrilling yet daunting mission to a desolate alien planet in which the human species struggle to survive, thrive, and forge an existence in this new world. Cave and Ellis provided thirteen tracks including the shows theme song, which occupies a similarly cosmic electronic atmosphere as the bands album Skeleton Tree.Mars is available as a limited edition of 1000 individually num bered copies on yellow flame coloured vinyl and includes an insert. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £30 +P&P

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